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A Different Kind of Pool Company

Installing an in-ground swimming pool is a big event. It represents a significant investment in time and money, but it is something that homeowners place a high value on.

Pool companies in New Hampshire have a notorious reputation for not delivering on their promises. Construction projects that drag on longer than they should, poor communication, and hidden charges are a few of the complaints we hear about other pool installers. This is because most pool companies are selling pools as a product, not offering pool services.

Service first. I started my pool career in 1994 with a large pool company in New England; first as a service technician, then installer, and finally a managing supervisor. This experience helped me to truly understand what was lacking in many pool companies today.

It inspired me to start my own pool company in 2011 with the motto “Service First” and on three basic principles:

Don Daigle owner of Daigle Pools

Our team has incorporated every aspect of pool maintenance and service to support our customers in maintaining their own pool. Whether it’s free in-store pool water balancing services, making professional pool products available, or servicing all the equipment we install – our customers always know we are just a phone call away.

Call us today for a free consultation on installing your swimming pool, upgrading equipment or any other way we can help you to improve your summer swimming experience.

You will discover why we are “a different kind of pool company!” Don Daigle

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Pool Patios and Finishing Options

So, your inground pool installation has been completed, but you’re not quite ready for fun. There are a few finishing touches that will make your backyard paradise unique to you.

These items include concrete paver pool patios, fencing and landscaping.

Here’s some FAQ’s on how we approach a pool installation project from budgetary quotes to hydroseeding.


Love to swim but can’t tolerate chlorine?
Consider a Saltwater option for your new or existing pool!

Radiant Semi-Inground Pools

Above-ground or in-ground? How about a bit of both?
A great option for sloping backyards!

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