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People usually have fun when they spend the summer days in swimming pools. If you have one installed on your property, you must maintain it regularly to use it at any time. When the time comes for you to do pool repairs and maintenance, you should partner up with Daigle Pools. We have clients around Hooksett coming to us because they trust our expertise and ability to service different pools.

Services Our Hooksett Pool Company Provides

Pool Installation

Our pool installers can construct various types of pools, each customized to meet specific requirements and preferences:

  • Above-Ground Pools. These are cost-effective and quicker to install compared to in-ground pools. We can install various styles and sizes to suit your backyard and budget.
  • In-Ground Pools. Perfect for a fully custom pool experience, our in-ground pools are designed to blend with your landscape. Our specialists can handle everything from design to excavation and construction.
  • Saltwater Pools. It is an excellent alternative for property owners looking for a pool with easier maintenance and gentler on the skin and eyes. Our team can install advanced, durable saltwater systems that provide a luxurious swimming experience.

Pool Supply Store

Our pool supply store is stocked with a wide range of products to ensure your pool is well-maintained. From chemicals like chlorine and algaecides to cleaning equipment and pool accessories, we offer excellent products that maximize your pool’s functionality and lifespan.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Our service doesn’t stop at installation; we also provide expert repairs for all types of pool equipment. Whether it’s fixing pumps, filters, or heating systems, our pool can fix issues swiftly and efficiently, enabling you to use your pool always.

Pool Upgrades

Over time, vinyl pool liners can wear, fade, or become damaged, affecting their appearance and performance. Daigle Pools can replace old or damaged liners with quality, durable options in various patterns and colors. This upgrade refreshes your pool and helps it become leak-proof and more enjoyable to use. We use high-grade liner materials and modern techniques for a seamless installation job.

Leak Detection

A leaking pool may cause severe water loss and damage. Fortunately, our leak detection services ensure that leaks are quickly identified and rectified. We use state-of-the-art technology and methods to pinpoint the leak, preventing further damage and saving on water costs.

Pool School

Especially beneficial for new backyard pool owners, our Pool School can teach you or new clients about proper basic pool care. This service will help you learn how to maintain chemical balances, clean the pool, and manage your equipment. By the end of the session, you’ll be well-equipped to handle day-to-day pool maintenance confidently.

Types of Swimming Pools and Their Benefits

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are installed above the surface of the ground. They are generally made from prefabricated kits, which include steel, aluminum, or resin frame components and a vinyl liner. They are available in various shapes and sizes but are usually round or oval.


  • Cost-Effective. Above-ground pools are generally less expensive than in-ground pools regarding initial costs and maintenance.
  • Portability. They can be disassembled and moved, making them ideal for renters or those who do not want a long-term commitment to a single location.
  • Quick Installation. These pools can be set up quickly, often within a few days, instead of in-ground pools, which need several weeks to install.
  • Safer for Small Children. The raised design provides a natural barrier to entry for small children, reducing accidental falls into the water.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are permanent fixtures in yards. They can be constructed from materials such as concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. These pools can be made into different depths, shapes, and sizes, catering to specific tastes and properties.


  • Increased Property Value. An in-ground pool often increases home property value more than an above-ground pool.
  • Aesthetics and Design Flexibility. They can be designed to blend beautifully with landscaping and other outdoor features and can be customized extensively.
  • Durability. In-ground pools are usually durable and have a better lifespan than above-ground pools, especially when constructed from concrete.
  • Depth Customization. We can construct them to accommodate various activities, including diving, due to the ability to customize depth.

Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools can be above-ground or in-ground, and salt chlorinators can be used instead of traditional chlorine to clean the water. This system uses dissolved salt and electrical processes to generate enough chlorine to sanitize the water.


  • Skin and Eye Comfort. Saltwater pools are known for being gentler on the skin and eyes than traditional chlorine pools.
  • Reduced Chemical Use. These pools require less chemical maintenance as the salt cell produces chlorine, lowering long-term costs associated with chemical purchases.
  • Steady Chlorine Levels. The constant chlorine generation process can maintain more stable chlorine levels, possibly providing better ongoing sanitation.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Saltwater pools tend to have fewer chemicals, which lessens environmental impact.

Pool Maintenance Tips for Owners

  • Skimming and Scrubbing. Regularly skimming the pool’s surface removes leaves, insects, and other floating items that can clutter the water. This should generally be done every day. Additionally, scrubbing the sides of the pool weekly prevents algae buildup. You can use tools like pool brushes to scrub the walls and floor of the pool.
  • Vacuuming. Using a pool vacuum once a week cleans dirt on the bottom of the pool. There are manual vacuums that you need to move around yourself and pool cleaning robots that can move around by themselves.
  • Testing Water. You must regularly test the water to maintain proper chemical levels. This includes checking the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels so that they stay within the recommended ranges (typically, pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8). You can use test kits or test strips to use on the water.
  • Adjusting Chemicals. Based on the test results, adjust the pool chemicals. If the pH level is too high, chemicals such as muriatic acid can be poured to lower it. Conversely, a pH increaser can be used if it is too low. Similarly, ensure enough chlorine to clean the water and keep it free of pathogens.
  • Cleaning and Replacement. The pool filter keeps your pool water clear and free of impurities. There are different filters (sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth), and each requires specific maintenance. Backwashing (reversing the flow of water to remove debris) is needed for sand filters and diatomaceous earth filters. For cartridge filters, the cartridges need to be removed and cleaned with a hose, and they should be replaced every few years or as required.
  • Maintaining Level. Your pool’s water level will naturally change due to evaporation and activities like swimming. Maintaining adequate water level is important, usually at the center of the pool skimmer or pool tile. If the water level is too low, the pump may run dry and get damaged. If it’s too high, the skimmer door may not work properly.

Hire Daigle Pools for All of Your Pool Needs in Hooksett

Hooksett pool owners can always benefit from Daigle Pools. From providing quality pool products to constructing in-ground swimming pools, we are the go-to choice for all their swimming pool needs. Not only do we have a very hands-on and experienced owner, but our team is just as amazing, providing excellent services to every client they cater to. If you want to learn more about our services, contact our pool company now!

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