Pool Patios and Finishing

Your brand-new, in-ground swimming pool is built, filled, and ready for fun.

Well, not quite. The final process in every in-ground swimming pool involves the installation of pool patios and finishing touches.

At Daigle Pools, we provide the following pool finishing options:

Poured Concrete Pool Decks
Concrete Paver Pool Patios
Pool Fencing
Finish Grading and Landscaping

These options are discussed during the budget and planning stage, however final pricing of these items can only be given after the pool construction is complete. We leave these items as à la carte. The client always has the option of hiring their own contractors to finish off their pool area as well.

What is included in an inground pool installation?

All standard pool contract includes excavation, pool products and equipment, and the labor to install it. We use our own in-house crews to construct the entire pool, except for the New Hampshire licensed electrician – who is a subcontractor. When the pool is finished, it is backfilled and brought up to within 4 inches of finish grade. If there is additional fill needed to bring it up to grade, that is discussed and proposed to the client before proceeding. Once backfilled, the swimming pool is filled with water and a temporary safety fence installed around the perimeter.

What are some options for a pool patio?

Well before ground is broken, pool patio options have already been discussed and decided upon. The cost of a backyard swimming pool project can vary greatly – which is why we provide a budgetary quote for the following poured concrete pool deck finishes: brushed, stamped, exposed aggregate.

We can also provide an approximate cost of a concrete paver pool patio installation – however, the exact cost depends on paver style, pattern and choices which is best left in the hands of our preferred hardscaping contractor.

What fencing is required around an inground swimming pool?

You can find out the local codes governing the height, style, and latch mechanisms of swimming pool fences from your town. A reputable fence installation contractor should know this before installing your fence. Our Daigle Pools representative can provide you with an approximate cost of chain link, aluminum, and vinyl fencing for your pool area once the pool has been installed and grading completed.

How should I landscape around my pool area?

That is a short question with a lot of answers! We are pool installation contractors. You don’t want us picking out plants for you!

At Daigle Pools we can provide a budgetary quote for finish grading and hydroseeding option. If you want to go all-out with lights and sound, add other features like plants or irrigation, or simply want to know how to integrate the pool artistically into your yard – the answers to those questions are best left to a landscape designer. Our preferred landscape contractor can consult with you and perform those finishing touches as well that will give you the backyard oasis of your dreams!

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