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In Bedford, NH, where the summers can get quite warm, owning a swimming pool can help residents stay cool. Yet, the enjoyment of swimming in the pool is accompanied by the need to maintain it. This is where Daigle Pools can help.

Daigle Pools offers quality services to make pool ownership effortless and enjoyable. From annual maintenance and chemical balance adjustments to repairs and installations, our experts will ensure your pool remains pristine throughout the season. Our office is located in Londonderry but we serve Bedford, NH, and its surrounding areas.

Pool Services We Offer in Bedford, NH

Swimming Pool Construction

Our Bedford pool company can construct above-ground, salt-water, and in-ground pools for clients. Leveraging efficient designs and premium materials, we construct swimming pools that embody aesthetic appeal and functionality. From the initial design to the completion of pool renovation, our pool builder has delivered excellence for hundreds of pools around the city.

Safety Covers

You should always cover your swimming pool if you don’t intend to use it for a while. Fortunately, we offer Latham pool covers with double-edged stitching that ensures durability. Small pets or children can run on top of it, and they will never fall into the pool water. We can even match the shape of your in-ground pool to cover every inch of it.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Our repair and maintenance services include repair filters, pool pumps, heaters, and other pool equipment. You can always trust our repair technicians to find issues with your swimming pool and fix them effectively. Whether it’s a broken water filter, regular pool maintenance, or damaged pool lights, we’ll make your swimming pool look beautiful and functional again.

Pool Upgrades

We also provide upgrade services for pool owners, specifically vinyl liner replacement. Quality pool liners will deteriorate, discolor, and diminish attractiveness as time passes. We can replace them with premium vinyl liners, rejuvenating your pool with a fresh look. Installing a new liner not only elevates your pool’s visual appeal but also significantly enhances its durability and lifespan.

Water Leak Detection

Our water leak detection service employs the latest water leaking tools and techniques to find and resolve minor or major leaks in your swimming pool. Our pool inspections can pinpoint the precise location of leaks, whether in above-ground or inground pools. This lets us repair the issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing water loss and potential damage to the pool area.

Pool Supply Store

Situated in Londonderry, our store is where you can get all your swimming pool needs. We boast an extensive inventory covering everything from numerous chemicals to ensure your pool water remains clean and safe to various pool equipment types, accessories, and parts.

Why Doing DIY Pool Repairs Can Be Dangerous

Doing the pool repairs yourself can present challenges and risks that may jeopardize your safety and lead to costly issues. Here are some potential problems that can happen from DIY pool repairs:

  • Incorrect Chemical Balancing. Without our expert knowledge, achieving the correct chemical balance in your pool can be difficult. Imbalanced chemicals can cause skin irritations, bacterial growth, and equipment corrosion.
  • Faulty Equipment Installation. Installing pool equipment requires specific technical skills from our team. Improper installation can result in inefficient operation, increased energy costs, or even severe damage to the pool system.
  • Structural Damage. DIY attempts at fixing leaks or cracks may not fix the root cause of the problem and can worsen the damage, compromising the pool’s structural integrity.
  • Voided Warranty. Many pool equipment manufacturers require installation and repairs to be conducted by professionals like Daigle Pools. DIY repairs could void the warranties, leaving you without coverage for future failures.
  • Electrical Hazards. Working with pool lighting and other electrical components carries the risk of electrocution if not handled using the appropriate tools and expertise.
  • Plumbing Mishaps. Incorrectly modifying or repairing the pool’s plumbing system can lead to leaks, poor water circulation, and potential damage to the pump and filter systems.

Common Pool Maintenance Work Done by Pool Technicians

Our pool company can perform several maintenance tasks to keep your swimming pool clean, safe, and operational. Here are some common services they provide:

  • Chemical Balancing. Regularly test and adjust the pool’s chemical levels to ensure safe and pleasant swimming conditions. You are welcome to bring in a water sample for us to test.
  • Filter Maintenance. Replacing pool filters as needed to maintain water cleanliness and flow rate.
  • Pump Inspection. Check the pool pump and motor for signs of wear or malfunction and perform necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Checking and Repairing Pool Lighting. Ensuring that all pool lights are functioning correctly and safely.
  • Algae Prevention and Treatment. Applying treatments to prevent algae growth and treating existing algae issues to keep the pool water clear.
  • Winterization and Pool Openings. Preparing the pool for winter by draining water, plugging return lines, and adding winter chemicals, reversing the process when opening the pool for the summer season.
  • Leak Detection and Repair. Identifying and fixing any leaks in the pool structure or plumbing to prevent water loss and structural damage.

FAQs About Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

How often should I clean my pool?

The frequency of pool cleaning depends on its usage and other factors like weather. Generally, the pool should be skimmed and vacuumed once a week, and the floors and walls should be brushed twice a week. However, if the pool is not frequently used or the water is balanced and clear, cleaning may be reduced to once every two weeks.

Why is it important to maintain my pool’s pH level?

The pH level of your pool water determines how acidic or alkaline it is. A safe pH level is usually between 7.2 and 7.8. Maintaining this certain pH level affects the efficiency of your chlorine, the part of your pool chemistry that kills bacteria and viruses. If the pH isn’t balanced properly, it can irritate swimmers’ skin and eyes and damage your pool equipment.

What happens if I don’t clean my pool regularly?

Regularly cleaning your pool prevents algae and bacteria growth. If left untreated, a pool can quickly become a breeding ground for microorganisms, leading to green or cloudy water. Failing to clean can also cause debris accumulation, which clogs the filters and damages the pool’s pump and heating system. In the long run, regular pool cleaning can save you money on costly repairs.

What is the purpose of shocking the pool, and how often should I do it?

Shocking a pool is the process of adding a large amount of chlorine (or non-chlorine shock) to the water to kill contaminates, including algae and bacteria. It also breaks down unwanted chemical compounds. Generally, a pool should be shocked once a week, but this may increase depending on the usage of the pool, after a heavy rainstorm, or when water becomes murky.

How often should I replace my pool filter?

The frequency of changing your pool filter depends on the type you have – sand, cartridge, or D.E(filter diatomaceous earth). Sand filters should be replaced every 5-7 years, cartridge filters every 2-3 years, and D.E. filters every 3-5 years. However, the actual filter element for a cartridge or D.E. filter usually needs to be cleaned and replaced more frequently, often several times per season, depending on pool usage. Filters play a fundamental role in keeping your pool clean, trapping debris, and keeping water clear and hygienic.

Make a Splash With Daigle Pools: Bedford’s Premier Pool Company

Your swimming pool should always look clean and functional, and you can easily achieve that by turning to Daigle Pools for quality swimming pool services. We are a pool company near Bedford, New Hampshire, that people trust to keep their swimming pools maintained, repaired, and looking good. Don’t forget that you can also hire us if you need a new swimming pool constructed.

Reach out to us today if you are considering pool construction or need upgrades on your existing pool!

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