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Daigle Pools

“Service First.” Daigle Pools was started by Don Daigle in 1998 as “Daigle Servicing, Co” – a pool maintenance and pool repair company. After working for many years with a large pool company in New Hampshire, Don had a good handle on what pool owners need to service their pools – and realized a great opportunity to meet those needs. In an industry that uses many subcontractors to build pools, what was lacking is customer support after the pool is built. Don wanted to build a different kind of pool company, with the motto “Service First.”

Building from the bottom up. If you think of a pool company from the top-down, the first order of business is usually to install a pool, and the last is pool maintenance. Not so with Daigle Pools. While the building of a pool is exciting, true satisfaction comes in enjoying that pool, trouble-free, for years to come. Don chose to build his company from the bottom up – using his knowledge of pool maintenance and professional quality products to become a better resource for new and existing pool owners.

Consider these differences that make Daigle Pools unique:


Every client purchasing an in-ground pool meets with Don Daigle to design their pool. Don oversees every installation project, and every client receives Don’s cell phone number. Pool construction projects are completed quickly – and priced more competitively – because the “middleman” has been cut out.

The Best Pool Warranties

Daigle Pools only uses professional pool products that are built to last. Installing the best products by an in-house crew means Daigle Pools stands firmly behind the manufacturers warranties as well as including a full 1-year labor warranty with every job.

Pool Repair Services

Daigle Pools doesn’t just install pools, they also repair every make and model of pool equipment. Liner replacements, safety covers, pool heaters Pumps and Filters, and even leak detection is all in a day’s work for Daigle Pools Company.

Fully Stocked Pool Supply Store

Retail customers have access to professional grade pool maintenance chemicals and expert advice on finding the right balance of their pool clarity. Bring your water sample down to the store in Londonderry New Hampshire, or request to have your water balanced on-site while our techs open your pool. Water balancing services are always free – you only pay for the chemicals.

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