Getting Your Pool In Shape For Spring

Getting Your Pool ReadySpring has finally arrived! The birds are chirping, the snow is almost gone, and you can finally see your pool. Now is a great time to do a quick inspection to make sure everything is okay.

For above ground pool owners. Be sure to check around the top of the pool for any bending of the rails or pinching of the verticals. On the base of the pool make sure the wall hasn’t creased anywhere from either too much weight pressing down or the ground expanding upward with the frost. If everything looks good, break out that pump and start getting any water off the cover as soon as you can.

For In-Ground Pools. It’s important to inspect your safety covers for broken springs or tears in the cover. If all looks good now is a good time to pour a gallon of algaecide through the cover to help keep the algae growth down. Remember to never pour liquid shock or powder shock on a safety cover.

Lastly, make that call to get into the schedule for your pool opening. The spring is the busiest time of year in the pool industry. Lock up that time slot and we will see you soon!

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